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Claudio Minardi is a high level professional photographer and videographer , that will resume the best of your every event and satisfy any of your needs .

His experience allows him to cover a wide range of services, weddings, photojournalism, sporting events, studio portraits, photos for advertising of all kinds, special services for shops, commercial spaces, villas, houses, restaurants, and hotels .

Work both in the studio and throughout Italy, using cameras of the latest generation for the results to be of excellent quality. It also offers a wide range of after shot, and great experience in photo-editing programs.



Claudio Minardi was born in 1966, in Frascati, a beautiful town near Rome , begins taking pictures from a young age, at only 15 years old and already came with love his first reflex camera trying to capture everything that intrigued him. She has always had a natural ability and attention in finding the right light and the right composition of the photograph .

In 1992, he started his career as a photojournalist, dealing with themes such as, sports, travel, portrait, landscape, nature, and architecture.

Claudio has a long experience in photography and video of Wedding.

His photos of sports, focusing mainly on cycling, have been published on the newspaper La Repubblica, La gazzetta dello Sport, The Corriere dello Sport and magazines of Sports Italian and Dutch.


Organizes photography workshops from basic level up to most advanced.



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